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Tequila. This is the way.

Everybody has hobbies, but Jay Baer turned his into a business.

tequila influencer

The second most-popular tequila influencer in the world (non-celebrity division)

An Arizona native, Jay spent 25 years visiting Mexico and learning the magic of how tequila is made, marketed, and sold. Now, in addition to his “day job” as a keynote speaker and strategist, he’s one of the world’s most influential tequila influencers.

Mixing tequila teaching and tequila reviews, he entertains and informs hundreds of thousands of followers between his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Jay is also the host of the new show The Spirit Guides, which tells the origin stories of the world's most-popular whiskey, rum, bourbon, tequila influencers.

More than 225,000 followers on IG + TikTok

How Can Jay Help You?

In addition to his work educating consumers, and publishing his VERY popular list of recommended tequila brands, here’s what Jay is involved in within the wide world of tequila:

  • Private Tastings for corporate groups and events, often paired with his keynote speaking on business topics
  • Consultation for tequila brands on flavor profile, narrative, packaging, and marketing
  • Partnerships with brands adjacent to tequila, such as Q Mixers, Mexchico artisan products, Waggle Golf apparel, and others
  • Private or semi-private trips to Jalisco, Mexico to visit tequila distilleries (and incredible restaurants)

Also, a comprehensive merchandise store with shirts, hats, coasters, glassware, and more.

Why tequila?

Among all spirits, tequila is one of the hardest to make and has the most varied flavor profiles

There are a lot of similarities between how Jay approaches business strategy, consulting, and speaking, and how the best tequileros perfect their craft. Time, effort, innovation, and a dash of panache!

Contact Jay to talk about all things tequila!

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