Hug Your Haters

The first modern book on customer service.

Hug Your Haters will make you money, save you money and completely change the way you look at customers, and was named one of 2016’s top 3 business books by Strategy : Business Magazine.

You probably think you’re pretty good at customer service. After all, 80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service.

But guess what? Only 8% of their customers agree.

The problem is that most people (me included) have typically thought about legacy forms of customer service, like telephone and email, and build customer service processes that are centered on those channels.

But a colossal change in customer expectations is occurring RIGHT NOW, as customers move from private communication with companies to public communication in social media, review sites, and discussion boards.

Now, customer service is a spectator sport. Are you prepared?

Probably not, as one-third of all customer complaints go unanswered, most of them online and in public.

That’s why Hug Your Haters is the first-ever customer service book for modern times – it’s based on the realities of customer expectations TODAY, not one, five, or 20 years ago. That’s why Guy Kawasaki said:

“Hug Your Haters is a landmark book in the history of customer service.”

—Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva and author of The Art of the Start 2.0

And these aren’t just my opinions. The book is based on an extensive, proprietary study into the Science of Complaint: how, where, and why we complain, plus case studies from businesses of all types and sizes from around the world, and more than 50 interviews.

What You’ll Learn

  1. The two types of Haters and what they want from you when they complain

  2. How to handle trolls

  3. How to measure customer service the right way

  4. The precise customer loyalty impacts of answering complaints (or not answering) by channel

  5. Why you need to answer every complaint, in every channel, every time

  6. A specific framework for exactly how to answer private complaints

  7. A specific framework for exactly how to answer public complaints

  8. Where you should spend most of your time in social media

  9. How fast you need to be when responding to customers, by channel

  10. The future of customer service, including specialized apps and new technologies

  11. Software recommendations for handling online and offline customer service for both small and large businesses

And a lot, lot more.

Plus, Hug Your Haters includes a fold-out poster of "The Hatrix" that summarizes the best strategies for different situations.

The book is also filled with poignant and hilarious examples of haters gone wild, and companies gone crazy, as well as inspirational stories of companies turning bad news good with speed, compassion, and humanity.

Reviews of Hug Your Haters

See all the reviews of the book on Amazon here. I reply to almost all of them, just like I talk about in the book.

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