content styling

_**Note:**_ Important to have jay-baer-section-content class name to each section
_**Note:**_ To make element centered add jay-baer-section-item class name to target element

border screw

_**Note:**_ To add border screw apply one of next class names to section element

clip-content clip-top
clip-content clip-top clip-down
clip-content clip-bottom
clip-content clip-bottom clip-down



_**Note:**_ To apply QUOTES to the TEXT add class name text-quotes
_**Note:**_ You can change quotes color with next class names
quotes-white or quotes-purple or quotes-orange

text quotes example


_**Note:**_ To apply styling for buttons add class name jay-baer-button
_**Note:**_ You can change button background color with next class names
white-btn or purple-btn or orange-btn

Twitter post

_**Note:**_ To apply twitter post click MORE -> Embed Tweet and copy to CODE BLOCK all <BLOCKQUOTE> content